Client Testimonials

The Customer is King. This is the motto we have lived behind since our founding in the late 1990's. We have strived to not only provide the best service in the industry but to build a family of happy clients all over the world. Below are just some of the clients that have sung words of praise about TotalChoice.

  I've been a satisfied cutomer of TotalChoice Hosting now for over seven years. I seldom have problems with any of my sites, but when I do, Tech Support always comes through to get it resolved.
Case in point: today, I submitted a help desk ticket because of a DNS problem with one of my sites. In less than 10 minutes, Alex fixed the problem, and closed the ticket. That's service that in today's world is uncommonly great, but for TCH it seems to be the norm.
Thanks Alex and the rest of the staff for always providing a superb product and great support.
Bob Crabb
  Today I found an open source web stats app I wanted to test. I had everything I needed except for a PHP MySql extension (PDO_MySQL). Thinking I'd get a "No can do" back I thought I'd ask - just in case. Well, much to my surprise this is the response i got from TCH's Level 2 support:
This requires apache to be recompiled, I am scheduling this to the service interval of 12am - 6am EST when the loads on the server is at its minimum. I will update you once this is done.
Very cool - and I'm just a minor-league $4/month customer.
  Once again you guys pulled the rabbit out of the hat. This time it was a mysteriously deleted inbox - but, undaunted, you restored it, and then showed me how to learn the R1soft restore process. What a team!
In 6 yrs, this sort of thing hasnt happened... ever! But when it does, you are right there - and Im so grateful!
Thanks, Dexter
Dexter Payne
  Having 'inherited' our Clubs Web Site with very minimal knowledge of phpNuke, I cannot express my appreciation enough for the technical support that TCH staff has provided me with this difficult transition. I want to single out Andy for going that extra kilometer with his assistance. If could NEVER be said of you guys, that you were not representative of the TOTAL in Choice Hosting.
Kudos to all of you!
Nate Maste
  I just paid my most recent invoice and I see I have been here for one whole year!
Wowieeee! :)
Everyone has said it all about TCH, but I think the best thing I can say, is thank you for helping my business grow! I owe so much to TCH, for all their help & support, to this forum especially!
You are all a huge awesome sounding board! ;)
I really love the techies esp. They are just awesome and no question is ever dumb!
My goal for this year is to get 10 more clients and move to a dedicated server. TCH has really helped me reach my web goals, so I know this one is within reach!
Thanks again TCH!!! :P
Weezy Smithston
  My name is Jeremiah and I'm with IMPROZ Internet Marketing Company. We had a resellers account with another hosting company that we we're having lots of problems with. We reached out to Dick over at TotalChoice Hosting and told him of our problems. He took the time to explain some of the issues that could be causing problems. He didn't over promise anything, although made some commitments of what would be different if we switched to their service. I must speak to the character of this company, because they did what they said they were going to do, delivering on promises is great customer service. In addition to this, my sites are moving blazing fast and have had no further issues. If you want my opinion, and you're looking for a hosting company, choose TotalChoice.  
Jeremiah Romo