Web Mail

TCH allows you to access your e-mail accounts via a web browser. We refer to this feature simply as Web Mail.

Using Web Mail:

TCH offers two web mail interfaces: SquirrelMail and Horde. To access your e-mail from a web browser, simply:
- point your browser to http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail
- then select either SquirrelMail or Horde.

SquirrelMail Web Site

Horde Project Web Site

Web Mail 'Javascript' Interface:

The head guru recently came up with a quick WebMail Javascript interface that you can use on a web page, allowing users to logon to their Webmail account via a web page front end interface.

"Connection Refused" Message:

Webmail uses port 2095 to access your e-mail. If you get a connection refused message when using Webmail, chances are that it is due to a firewall blocking port 2095. Please discuss this with your company's network administrator.

Alternatives for accessing your WebMail:


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