Plans Calender

"A Good Web Calendar!"

PlansCalendar is a free web calendar program that challenges you to compare it to the other leading web based calendar software!
They also have additional icons, and themes.

Sample Calendars

One of our TCH users has it on their Scout Troop web site. Take a peek!

Steps To Get It Installed

Instructions for installing Plans is available online from their website.

  • Download and unzip the zip file to your PC
  • Use cPanel's File Manager and create a new subdirectory called calendar under the public_html directory on your web site.
  • Upload the unzipped files to this calendar directory
  • Edit the file permissions as follows:
  • - cgi files = 755 (rwx, r-x, r-x)
    - xml files = 666 (rw-, rw-, rw-)
    - all other files = 644 (rw-, r--, r--)

When you've completed all the above, then point your browser to the plans.cgi file and see what happens! (for example:

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