Movable Type

Movable Type (MT) is a decentralized, web-based personal publishing system designed to ease maintenance of regularly updated news or journal sites, like weblogs. Visit MT's web site for more information and to obtain the latest version of their program. MT will work with MySQL

Step 1: Install MT onto your server

1. Review MT's installation documentation

2. Download the Movable Type 'Full Version' tar.gz file to your PC.

3. FTP (upload) the tar.gz file to the public_html directory on your web site in BINARY mode

4. From cPanel, access File Manager, click to select the tar.gz file, then select Extract File Contents

5. Rename the created directory (something like MT-version#) to mt/ on your web site

Step 2: Configure MySQL

1. From cPanel, access the MySQL Databases page.

2. Setup a new MySQL database. Let's call it mtdatabase (more info...)

3. Setup your userid and password to access the database. Let's use: mtadmin (more info...) and a hard-to-guess password

4. Grant your database user access to the database (more info...)

Step 3: Edit MT config files

1. Edit mt.cfg file

  • In CPanel's File Manager, go to mt/ directory, click on mt.cfg file then click Edit File
  • Configure your CGI Path (URL of mt/ directory, with trailing slash at the end):
  • Comment out the DataSource setting with a '#' at the beginning of the line: # DataSource ./db
  • Uncomment the ObjectDriver, Database, and DBUser settings (remove the '#' at the beginning of each line):
    ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
    Database <database-name>
    DBUser <database-username>
  • For your ObjectDriver use (should be correct as-is): ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
  • For your Database use (be sure to remove the '<' and '>'): Database cpanelUserName_mtdatabase
  • For your DBUser use (be sure to remove the '<' and '>'): DBUser cpanelUserName_mtadmin
  • Uncomment the HTMLUmask, UploadUmask, and DirUmask settings (remove the '#' at the beginning of each line):
    HTMLUmask 0022
    UploadUmask 0022
    DirUmask 0022
  • Enable background tasks - change to '1' (MT3 only):
    LaunchBackgroundTasks 1
  • Save the mt.cfg file

2. Set MySQL database password

  • In CPanel's File Manager, go to mt/ directory, click on mt-db-pass.cgi file then click Edit File
  • Delete existing 'database_password' text, then type in the password you set up for your MySQL database in step 2
  • Save the mt-db-pass.cgi file

Step 4: Check/Install External Libraries

1. From a browser run mt-check.cgi (eg:

  • Under 'Checking for Required Modules', all modules should be found
  • Under 'Checking for Data Storage Modules', the only module that needs to be found is DBD::mysql
  • Under 'Checking for Optional Modules', all modules should be found except for perhaps Image::Magick (required to create image thumbnails) and Crypt::DSA. Submit a ticket to the Help Desk if you need Image::Magick installed on your server.
  • If all necessary external modules were found, proceed to Step 5

Step 5: Run MT-Load Utility

1. Initialize Movable Type MySQL database

  • Make sure that mt-load.cgi has 0755 permissions in CPanel's File Manager (change them to 0755 if it does not)
  • From a browser run mt-load.cgi (eg:
  • If mt-load.cgi comes back successful, you should then go to CPanel's File Manager, and delete mt-load.cgi.
  • If mt-load.cgi is unsuccessful, check MT's troubleshooting section and then rerun it.

Step 6. Secure mt.cfg file and MT directories

1. Create .htaccess file to prevent browsers from reading mt.cfg and listing MT directories

  • In CPanel's File Manager, go to mt/ directory, then click Create New File. Enter '.htaccess' for the filename (don't forget the beginning dot), then click Create.
  • Click on .htaccess filename then click Edit File
  • Copy the following and paste it into the .htaccess file:

    Options All -Indexes

    <Files mt.cfg>
    <Limit GET>
    deny from all
  • Save the .htaccess file


Movable Type is now installed and ready for use. Browse to and log in with username 'Melody' and password 'Nelson' to begin using Movable Type. The first thing you should do is click the 'Edit Your Profile' link and change the author name and password.

If you plan on using comments or trackbacks on your MT weblogs, TCH highly recommends installation of Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist plugin to protect your weblogs from comment and trackback spam.

If you have any questions or problems regarding Movable Type, please post them in the TCH Family Forums. As Movable Type is a third-party application, the TCH Help Desk is unable to provide assistance with any Movable Type-specific issues.

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