Gallery ( ) is a slick web based photo album written in PHP. The software is good, but the installation instructions and documentation are quite vague.

How To Install 'Gallery' (Summary Overview)

NB: These instructions are written without the need for SSH (secure shell) access.

1. Download the latest Gallery file from SourceForge to your PC, and then upload the file to the public_html directory on your web site.

2. Use cPanel's File Manager to perform the following steps:
- Extract (unpack) this file, using the 'Extract File Contents' option
- Create a new albums directory under public_html, and set it's permission to 777
- Go to the gallery directory (under public_html), and create two new empty files: config.php
and .htaccess . Set the permissions for both files to 666.

3. Run the configuration utility (

4. When finished, go back to cPanel's File Manager, and perform the following steps:
- Change permissions for config.php and .htaccess to 644
- Change permission for the setup directory (under gallery) to 0

5. Login and start building albums and uploading your photos!

How to Install 'Gallery' (Detail Instructions)

1. Download the latest version of the software from SourceForge to your PC. The name of the download file will reflect the version. The latest version, as of this writing, is 1.3.3 is available, and so the name of the download file is: gallery-1.3.3.tar.gz.

2. Use your favorite FTP utility to upload this same file to your web site (placing it in your public_html directory).

3. Login to cPanel for your site, and perform the following steps:

3.1 Unpack gallery download file:

  • Click on the File Manager link
  • Click on the folder icon next to public_html directory
  • Scroll and locate the file (gallery-x.x.x.tar.gz) that you just uploaded, and click on the name of the file (not the icon)
  • Appearing on the right side of your browser screen will be a list of options. Click on the Extract File Contents option.
  • A new browser window will display, listing all the files that were just unpacked and installed. All the files are stored in a newly named subdirectory called gallery. Go ahead and close this browser window, returning you to the File Manager window.

3.2 Create albums directory:

  • Click refresh on the File Manager window
  • Proceed back to the public_html directory, by clicking on the folder icon.
  • Click on the 'Create New Folder' option and name the new folder: albums
  • After the albums directory has been created, click on the name of the directory, and then click on the 'Change Permissions' option, and click on (enable) all read, write and execute options for this directory, and click Change.
  • This will set the permission for the albums directory to 777

3.3 Create necessary files and permissions:

  • Now locate the gallery directory, and click on the folder icon for it.
  • Locate and click on the 'Create New File' option, and create a new file called: config.php
  • Click on the 'Create New File' option to create another file, and name it: .htaccess -- note the period (.) in front of the file name is required!
  • Locate the .htaccess file just created, click on the file name itself, and then click on the 'Change Permissions' option. Then click to enable 'Read' and 'Write' permissions for all three columns (user, group, world), and then click Change. The permission should display as 666.
  • Next, locate the config.php file, and change it's permission the same way as the .htaccess.
  • Leave the File Manager window open, as we will need to return to it after we have run the configuration script.

4. We now need to run the configuration script by opening up a new browser window, and entering the URL - - and then clicking on the 'Start the Configuration Wizard' link. This will start up and display the Gallery Setup page:

4.1 Gallery Setup - Page 1

  • Nothing needs to be entered or changed on this first page.
  • Simply verify that everything is marked as 'Success'
  • If so, click on the 'Configure Gallery' button at the bottom of the page

4.2 Gallery Setup - Page 2

  • On this page, I am only going to recommend the pure minimum amount of changes necessary. You are on your own if you wish to do more!
  • Change the Gallery Title to something descriptive, like 'My Photo Gallery'
  • Enter a password (note: the user id is 'admin' )
  • Select to use ImageMagick as your graphics module (the default is Netpb)
  • Enter /tmp for the Temporary directory
  • Then click 'Album Defaults' button at the bottom of the page

4.3 Gallery Setup - Page 3

  • Nothing needs to be changed on this page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Save Settings' button

4.4 Gallery Setup - Page 4

  • Page 4 is a review screen. Any errors will be displayed in red.
  • Once you have eliminated all errors, click on the 'Save Config' button at the bottom of the screen<
  • A new web page displays reminding you to put your Gallery in secure mode. Leave this web page up, and proceed to step 5 below.

5. Put Gallery in Secure Mode

  • Finally locate the subdirectory setup and uncheck all boxes, setting the permission to 0.
  • Locate the .htaccess file, and uncheck the Write box for Group and World. This should change the permission to 644. Then click Change
  • Locate the config.php file, and uncheck the Write box for Group and World. This should change the permission to 644.
  • Finally locate the subdirectory setup and uncheck all boxes, setting the permission to 0.

6. Start up your Gallery

  • Flip back over to the browser window that is titled 'Your configuration has been successfully saved!'
  • Click on the 'Enter the Gallery' link at the bottom of the screen.
  • If the Gallery page displays, you're done with the installation. (Be sure to close out your File Manager window)

If you need to rerun the Configuration setup utility:

1. Change permission for 'setup' directory to 777, and permission for .htaccess and config.php to 777

2. Then open your browser to, and go to the 2nd setup page, and change graphics module to ImageMagick.

3. Proceed to complete and save your configuration, until you get to the screen warning you to make sure you secure Gallery.

4. Then change permission on setup directory back to 0, and permission for .htaccess and config.php back to 644

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