Fuzzy Monkey

The Fuzzy Monkey web site has several CGI/Perl/PHP scripts. Of recent interest to some TCH users was their free Survey app.

Where to get it

Free Survey Script

How to install it

It's pretty easy, but it is kind of annoying at times...because you have to get it all exactly right.

1. Create your HTML form

You already have the html form...though I would change the values it returns to numbers. You can use that one...just change the form action, like:

<form action="http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-bin/survey/survey.cgi">

2. Upload and edit files to your web site

Move all the files into your cgi-bin...you can also get the tar.gz file and extract the contents within the Control Panel. If you use WinZip make sure to transfer everything in Ascii mode.

In CPanel, change the permission of the cgi scripts to 755. If you want to be able to download an excel file also create a new folder in the public_html directory called whatever you want (mine's called excel). Change the permission of the excel folder to 777. This is where it'll write the data to for downloading csv files.

Edit "survey.cgi" so that it gets the entries. For the survey you have up now, just change what's in there to
my $rating = $cur->param("rating"), etc.

3. Create MySQL Database

Create a MySQL database using the CPanel. Then enter the appropriate entries into "sitevariables.pl" under database variables. At the bottom of sitevariables.pl add the info of where your excel directory is.

That's all I can think of that you have to do really. Bravenet looks good too...it's all really a matter of whether or not you care if it's on your server or somebody else's.

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