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Coppermine is a multi-purpose full-featured and integrated web picture gallery script. Visit the Coppermine web site for more information and to obtain the latest version of their program.

Before we begin

This tutorial assumes you know how to set permissions in ftp (chmod) and how to set up databases in cpanel. If you don't know how to do this, please see these instructions:
How to set permissions
Flash tutorial on how to set up databases
We use Coppermine Photo Gallery version 1.3.2 in this tutorial. Coppermine can also handle videos, but we will concentrate on photos in this tutorial.

Step 1: Getting Started

1. Download (or the latest version)

2. Unzip the archive preserving the directory structure on your own computer.

Step 2: Configure MySQL

1. From cPanel, access the MySQL page.

2. Setup a new MySQL database. Let's call it gallery (more info...)

3. Setup your userid to access the database. Let's use: cpgadmin

4. Grant your database user access to the database.

5. You are done with cPanel so you can log out.

Step 3: Configure and Upload

1.With your favorite ftp program, log in to your ftp-account and create a directory named "gallery" inside your public_html folder.

2. Upload all folders and files (albums, bridge and so on) from the coppermine folder to the newly created directory "gallery". (Do not rename any of these subfolders or files). -

3. When everything is uploaded, chmod the following folders to 777:





4. Now open your web browser and run the installation script at (

Step 4: Running the Installscript

The installation script will check for any errors with your permission settings. If there are any, you must correct them before continuing. Assuming there are no permission errors, you will see a page saying "Welcome to Coppermine installation". This page has 3 areas:

1. Your admin account Here you will need to create your first user. Enter the desired username and password in to the fields.

2. Your MySQL configuration Here you enter the information you entered in Step 2: Configure MySQL.

  • MySQL Host: localhost
  • MySQL Database Name: cpanelname_gallery
  • MySQL Username: cpanelname_databaseusername
  • MySQL Password: MySQL password
  • MySQL table prefix: cpg132_

3. ImageMagick
ImageMagick path:
Leave this field BLANK for now.

4. Save it and log in.

Step 5: Settings & Customization

1. If not already logged in, then log in to your gallery using the following url:
Once you are logged in, click the "Config" button.

2. On the configuration page you will see several settings, most can be left as they are, but you should at least enter the information for these 4 fields:
Gallery name
Gallery description
Gallery administrator email
It is also time to enter the Imagemagick path: /usr/local/bin (Near the end of the page)

Coppermine Photo Gallery includes several themes but there is nothing that says you can not create your own theme or modify an existing one. There are also several other themes available for download at the Coppermine website.

Step 6: Uploading photos

To upload you photos:
- Click on "Categories".
- In the "Category title" field enter the desired name for the category (Required).
- In the "Category description" field enter a description (Optional).
- Click Update/Create category.
- Click Albums.
- Scroll down until you see "New" and click it.
- In the empty field just above "Apply...", enter your desired "Album name".
- Click "Apply modifications".
- Click "Upload file" near the top of page.
- You will now see a page with 2 upload areas. The first one is for uploading photos from your own computer and the other is for uploading from the web.
In this tutorial we will upload from the computer.
- Click add files.
- Find your photo on your computer and click "Continue".
- If the upload was successfull, you will see a page saying
"Successful Uploads # uploads were successful.".
- Click "Continue" to have the photos placed into the albums you created before.
- Choose which album to place the photos in.
- Enter File title File description and Keywords.
- Click "Continue" until you are taken back to your gallery index.

This is just a brief tutorial to get you started. For more tutorials please see and don´t forget that the zip-file itself contains alot of documentation.

Have fun!

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