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AWSTATS online documentation

Give access to AWSTATS without giving access to cPanel!

If you maintain websites for your customers, you may have wanted to give them access to the statistics collected by Awstats. But until now, the only way to view these statistics was to give them full access to cPanel. The members of TotalChoice Hosting did some work recently and came up with this alternative!

1. Download the file to your PC, and unzip it. This will create two subdirectories (images and stats).

2. Go to the stats subdirectory and edit the config.php file (click here for help from other members using this script. TotalChoice staff does not provide support for 3rd party scripts.)

3. Upload the stats directory to your web site, under public_html (creating public_html/stats)

4. Open a browser to to logon and view your stats!

PLEASE NOTE: If instead of receiving a login prompt at step 4, you receive a "This page cannot be displayed" error message, check to see if you have installed the February 2004 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (MS04-004) from Microsoft (832894).

If so, this security update breaks or blocks the method used to pass the userid and password to the stats program. Microsoft has posted a fix (834489) for this problem. We have tested this work around, and have created a simple, one line registry patch to correct this error.

Simply double click on the link below, click on Open, and then click to install this registry patch. IE Registry Fix

Tracking screen resolutions

TCH-Raul has provided these instructions for installing a javascript on your web site to track miscellaneous information, such as: screen size, screen color depth, Java enabled, plugins for Macromedia, Realplayer, QuickTime, MediaPlayer and Acrobat PDF

1. Download the custom javascript file 'aws_misc_tracker.js' from his web site
2. Create directory "js" under your public_html directory and then upload the custom javascript file to it
3. Modify your web site's home page by adding the following code toward the end of the HTML page, just before the

</ body>tag:

 <script language="javascript" src="/ js / awstats_misc_tracker.js">  




Customizing Stats

Recently, users on the TCH discussion forums identified a way to customize AWSTATS. The config file is located in the /tmp directory. But, by default, if you change or modify it, the next day TCH servers replace it with the original version!

Solution? Set the permission of the config file to read only (chmod 444)

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