Search Engines

Build A Searchable Database Of Your Website

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Search Engine Optimization from TCH

Effective May 16, 2003 TCH now offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for its users. SEO is the most important, technical function one can perform on a web site. The number one driver of new visitors to a web site is through search engines. In addition, if a site is properly search engine optimized, the traffic resulting from high search engine rankings is biased towards those individuals actually searching for your specific product, information or service.

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Looking for Googlebot

Users keep asking how to determine if, or when, Google or another search engine spiders have visited or checked their web site. TCH's SEO program director has written a quick 'how to' guide on the subject.

User Suggestions

Our TCH users have a wealth of information that they have been willing to share on the discussion forums when it comes to getting your web site listed on Search Engines. We've collected some of them for you!
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Search Engine Submission

Design a High Search Engine Ranking Page

Check out WebMaster World for detail support and ideas for preparing your site for search engine submissions.

Registering Your Site

So where do you go to actually register your web site and submit it? First, be sure to use your web site's cPanel Tool section for a free submission utility.

You can also try some of these sites:

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