Invision Boards

Many TCH users, as well as TCH itself, use Invision for their web site's user forum & discussion boards. TCH now offers Invision as an alternative user board. You can install and configure it by going to cPanel > CGI Script > Addon Scripts.

You can find plenty of help and support from our TCH user group on Invision, if you get stuck or have a problem!

Invision Web Site:

Invision Board

Other Invision Web Skins:

Check out: Invision Skins

Modifying the Header or Footer section

Users who want to modify the header or footer section of phpbb will try looking for this in the phpbb admin panel. But it's not there. This information is stored in template files. The two files, overall_header.tpl and overall_footer.tpl, can be found within the ..templates/subSilver/ directory on your web site.

The phpbb user forum contains detail instructions on how to modify these files.

Problem with wrong time (zone) displaying

phpbb provides for configuring the time zone for both the system (server) and for each user. If the time is off, we recommend the following:

- Set the system wide time to GMT (General Admin > Configuration Control Panel)
- Then allow each user to update their own time zone preference in user profile

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