FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Simply put, it is a method for copying files between your PC and your web site. Most users will install an FTP client (utility) program on their PC to facilitate this process.

FTP Client Software

There are several well known FTP utilities, both free and paid, that we can suggest that you check out and consider. These include:

FTP Movie Tutorials

Check out our line of FTP movie tutorials!

How To Upload Your Files

After you have signed up with TCH for a web site, and have registered a domain name, you'll be ready to upload your web site. Your homepage should normally be named index.html or index.htm. This is the page that will show when someone visits http://www.yoursite.com.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to upload your file.

  • Start your FTP client and click the connect button.
  • Enter ftp.yoursite.com as the server name.
  • Use the user name/password provided in your TCH welcome e-mail
  • Connect and then go to the public_html directory on your web site
  • Delete or replace the file called index.html
  • Upload your index.html file and any other files you need to upload.
  • Disconnect and close the FTP client
  • Point your browser to http://www.yoursite.com and view your new home page

Allowing Others To Do Web Maintenance

You may wish to allow others to do some web maintaince and FTP work, without giving them access to cPanel or the master administrative userid/password.

Simply create a new FTP account for that person, and identify the folder that they can access. For example, you could give them access to public_html or a subdirectory within public_html.

Setting Up An FTP Directory For Others To Access

  • Create a folder
  • Password manage it through cPanel
  • Remove the index file from it and remove index manager using cPanel for this folder
  • Create the users in the password manager
  • Bingo! You now have a folder (directory) which is protected by passwords and they can see only that folder. Warning: remember that FTP download access will eat up your bandwidth.

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