Front Page

TCH web servers support FrontPage 2002 extensions (FPE). However, FPE is not automatically installed when your site is configured. Use cPanel to quickly install FPE.

FrontPage 98 Problem

In July, 2003 we installed updates to the Front Page 2002 extensions on all the TCH servers. Apparently the latest FP extensions are not compatible with FrontPage 98. For more information, click here.

Other Microsoft Products

Although TCH supports Front Page extensions, our servers operate on the Linux operating system. Thus we do not support Microsoft ASP web pages, nor Microsoft specific products, like Access Database.

FrontPage Tutorials

click here to view several Flash movie tutorials that TCH offers on using Front Page.

FrontPage And Subdomains

You can create subwebs off the main site using the FrontPage server admin tool. Check out the relevant menu item in FrontPage to do that.

  • In FP2002 it's under Tools > Server.
  • In FP2000 you just right-click the folder in the main web you want to make a subweb, and click create web. Then go to tools-security-permissions to set the author, administrator, etc...

User Instructions

One of our TCH users recently posted some "how to" instructions based on their real life experience of installing FP to a subdomain.

Problems publishing with FP

Some people have encountered problems publishing with Front Page. The Head Guru has indicated that there is a bug with FP 2000. Here is what he wrote:

"You can not publish to HTTP and a IP address in Frontpage 2000 or back. It will only publish to FTP. Once your domain name resolves and is fully propagated it will upload just dandy. This bug was corrected in FP 2002 but persists in FP 2000 and earlier. Simply put, you have to FTP until your domain propagates."

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