E Mail Blocking Spam

What is spam?

Let's make it simple and define spam as any junk or commercial advertising e-mail that we receive that we did not request. Learn more about spam at the Spam Abuse web site.

How can I block spam?

TCH provides Spam Assassin as a tool to block spam e-mail from the server. By default, Spam Assassin is disabled when your web site is first setup by TCH.

How do I filter email based on content of the Subject line?

These instructions will help you filter out unwanted email based on the existence of words in the Subject line of an email:

  • Click on E-Mail Filtering, then click on Add Filter
  • In the first Drop down box select: Subject
  • In the second Drop down box select: contains
  • In the third box, type: stop pay (or the desired word you are filtering on)
    Note: this field is case sensitive, so entering "viagra" may not block "vIaGrA"
  • Click Discard, click Activate, then click Go Back

Now, let's run a test:

  • Change the subject of the test e-mail to something like "You can stop paying high interest"
  • Then click Test Filter

You should receive verification that the filter condition was TRUE, which means that it discarded the message. Like: Filter Trace Results:
Condition is true: $header_subject: contains stop pay Return-path copied from sender

Automatically discard spam email

The above instructions can also be used to automatically delete email messages flagged by SPAM ASSASSIN as spam:

  • Click on E-Mail Filtering, then Add Filter
  • In the first drop down box, select "Spam Assassin Spam Header"
  • In the second drop down box, select "contains"
  • In the third box, enter: *****SPAM*****
  • Click Discard, then Activate, then Go Back

Client (PC) side spam tools:

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