C Panel Tools - Counters

Creating a counter

To create and add a counter to your web site's home page:
  • 1. Go to cPanel, select CGI Scripts > Counter
  • 2. Select your design, then click: Make HTML
  • 3. Copy the text and placed in your home page (index.htm/index.html) file


Changing value of an existing counter

To change the current value of a counter, simply follow steps 1 and 2 from above, but instead of clicking on the Make HTML button, keep scrolling down to find the Edit/Reset a Counter.


Could not write to counter file

The follow error message may be received if you created your counter before your domain name had been fully propogated:

Could not write to counter file: /var/cpanel/counters/xxxx.dat

To fix this problem, simply go into your HTML code for the counter and remove the .dat suffix to the file name.

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