C Panel Account settings


Subdomains are a way of setting up separate accounts within your master account, and can be accessed as separate URLs.

Why use subdomains

Let's say your web site is www.flowers.com. Perhaps you want to have a special web site name dedicated to support (support.flowers.com) or a special name for ordering flowers (order.flowers.com)

Setting up subdomains

cPanel will automatically create the subdirectory inside your public_html directory that matches the subdomain name you enter. In the above examples, the directories ../public_html/support and ../public_html/order would be created.

Please note: do not create these sub directories manually! Let cPanel do the work. IF you already have a subdirectory created with the same name as the desider subdomain name, you will have to first delete the subdirectory.

cPanel will also create a separate cgi-bin directory for this subdomain (../public_html/support/cgi-bin).

Subdomains and MySQL

You cannot use cPanel to create a MySQL database for the subdomain. MySQL databases are maintained at the master account level.

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