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There are many sophisiticated FTP utilites available, and for web site maintenance, you should have one installed on your workstation. However, cPanel does provide a free web based File Manager utility which will allow you to manage your files, and set file permissions.

Setting File Permissions:

All files and directories on a TCH supported web site can be assigned access permissions. This simply indicates whether a person (user) is allow to read, write/modify, or execute a file. These permissions are usually denoted by using the letters r, w and x. And you can have various combinations. A dash (-) symbol is used to denote denying a particular permission.


r-x		Read and execute a file, but not modify it 

rw-		Read and modify a file, but not execute it 

r--		Read a file only 

--x		Execute a file only 

rwx		Read, modify and execute a file 

Additionally, each of the three permissions have a numberic value assigned to them:

r	4 

w	2

x	1

By adding up the values, we have a shorthand notation of permissions.


r-	x5		r=4, x=1; 4+1=5 

rw-	6		r=4,w=2; 4+2=6 

r--	4		r=4 

--x	1		x=1 

rwx	7		r=4,w=2,x=1; 4+2+1=7 

Additionally, there are three groups of users that you can set these access permissions for: you (the owner), others with login access to your web site (group), and everyone else (others).

rwx r-x r-x -or- 755

which means:
the owner can read, write and execute the file (rwx)
those in the group can read and execute the file (r-x)
others can read and execute the file (r-x)

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