C Panel Account settings

How to set up a subdomain:

Let's assume that your web site is www.yourdomain.com, and that we want to create support.yourdomain.comas a sub domain:

  • Logon to CPanel
  • Click on Account Settings > Subdomains
  • Enter your subdomain name, such as support and click on Add
  • Arrow A confirmation screen will appear. Click Go Back

Confirm subdomain setup:

  • Click on Home from CPanel, and it should have incremented the number of subdomains
  • Click on Access Menu > File Manager
  • Click on the file folder icon next to `public_html', and look for a sub folder with the same name as your subdomain you created (eg:, support )
  • Then, open up your browser and enter your full subdomain name, such as support.yourdomain.com

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