Billing Issues

Prepay for a Year

Prepay for one year on any web hosting plan (excluding reseller plans), and receive the last month of service free!


To view your billing, change your contact information, or update your credit card please visit our client central area located at:

If your billing is not through our Modernbill system, please review the rest of this page or contact our help desk.

Failed Credit Cards

If your billing is not through 2checkout you will receive an email informing you that your credit card has failed to bill to the email address that we have on file. This email will give you 48 hours in which to open a support ticket and start new billing. After 48 hours the account will be suspended until new payment arrangements have been made. Accounts suspended for 30 days or more will be terminated.

If your billing is through 2checkout, it will attempt to charge your card for a maximum of 15 times. You will receive an email at the email address you used when starting the billing informing you that it has failed which will provide you with a link to change the credit card on file. After 15 attempts the billing will be cancelled and the account will be suspended. Once suspended you will need to contact our billing department to setup a new payment arrangement. Accounts suspended for more than 30 days will be terminated.


If your billing is directly through PayPal, you must maintain an active subsciption at all time. Cancelling your subscription can result in suspension and the account will remain suspended until new payment arrangements have been made.

Change Credit Cards

If you wish to change the credit card used for billing your TCH account, you can make the change yourself. Here's how:

  • Obtain your most recent automatic monthly transaction or e-mail to determine which vendor is handling the transaction for TCH. Also make note of the invoice or order.
  • If your billing is through 2checkout you can contact them using the information below, if it is not through 2checkout please open a support ticket with the billing department for instruction on updating your billing information.
  • 2Checkout:

    Customer service number: 1-877-294-0273
    Web site:

    If you have any questions, you can certainly contact our Help Desk, but do not include your credit card number in any correspondence with TCH.

    The billing department can also be contacted by phone:
    11AM - 2PM EST Monday - Friday
    If you can not reach us during these hours, please leave a message
    and we will return your call.


If you wish to cancel your TCH account, please open a support ticket with the billing
department here:
TotalChoice Hosting Cancellation Request.

Policy on Upgrades to Accounts

Any existing customer that wishes to upgrade a monthly hosting account to yearly billing -

  • Will be issued a invoice for 12 months of service at the base monthly rate of the plan they choose.
  • The "Head Guru" special does not apply to existing customers. The free month is only an option to new clients or new domains. Cancelling your plan and signing up again also will not entitle you to a free month.
  • Once your yearly payment is made we will discontinue your monthly billing and place your account on a re-ocurring yearly billing cycle.

Any existing customer that wishes to upgrade a monthly hosting package to a new monthly package -

  • Will be issued a invoice for the monthly plan that they wish to upgrade to.
  • Once this invoice is paid there account will be upgraded and the old billing will be cancelled.
  • We will no longer pro-rate the days left in any existing plan, it is creating to much paperwork. So if you want to upgrade try to plan it at the end of your billing cycle.

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